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The Walking Dead

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“There’s someone lookin’ out for me
I came out of the darkness
With a bullet in my hand
I got one more shot at livin’
I’m lucky that I can
Cause I got a little roughed up
Yeah I really got fucked up
I came out of the darkness
With a bullet in my hand”
-Bullet in My Hand by Redlight King

We have all heard the cliche’s. Things happen for a reason. When its my time its my time. God has purpose for you. I’ve said them, you’ve said them. It’s automatic. When something bad happens, when someone dies. we say these words to comfort, to ease the pain. We prolly don’t even believe what were saying.

I didn’t believe. In my youth, I attended various churches. My grandparents, are Methodists, and even to this day go to church religiously (Did you see what I did there?). All the churches I went all told me their God was the true God. Their way was the true way. How could that be? How can everyone be right? Wouldn’t some of them have to be mistaken?
Look at the world around us. It sucks! What kind of God lets this happen? Not the God i spent Sundays reading about and listening about. He was a kind God who rewarded the faithful and the good, and punished the evil. Yet, this wasn’t the case. How many children have died to cancer just in the time it has taken to write this post? How many soldiers overseas will not make it home? I’ve witness the kindest people suffer. And yet God wanted our faith, our belief?

What I didn’t realize was it wasn’t my place to question Him. That He in fact has a plan. I’ve had a couple of accidents in my life, that should have killed me or at the very least left my paralyzed or a vegetable.

The first was when I had just gotten my license. I was driving on a backwoods country road. it was snowing and I lost control of the car. I swerved and hit a tree. No big deal right? What if I told you the car spun into the other lane? Where luckily no other cars were coming. What if I told you on either side of the tree I hit was wide open big enough for my car to go through? What if you then found out behind this small skinny tree that my car should have snapped easily was a deep ravine? A ravine so treacherous that had I gone off of it, I wouldn’t be here writing at this moment.

Another time on a different back road. I took a turn too fast and ended upside down in a creek. Another time I was hit behind while riding my motorcycle with enough force that I was lifted off and thrown to the side of the road. My scoot was wedge into the middle of the car.

Still you can say that was just luck, coincidence. Stay with me, here comes the big one.

October 26th 2012. My best friends birthday. We had planned a surprise party for him at our clubhouse. My job was to keep him away til the party was set up. Easy right? So I had the perfect plan. Whats the best to keep a Biker busy? Ask to go on a ride with you. A true Biker will not ask you where you’re going or when you’ll be back their only response will be “Hell yea!” It wasn’t raining or snowing. A little on the cold side it was after all October. Early evening the sun was just going down we were traveling a well used highway. We were not speeding or doing anything to cause harm to ourselves or others. We weren’t drunk or high or distracted by hot chics on the side of the road. Up ahead of me lay a dead deer on my side of the road. I found out later that a lady had hit the deer on the opposite side of the road and knocked to my side. I didn’t have to time to swerve before I hit the deer full on and then….Darkness.

Later as I laid in the hospital the events of that night were explained to me. When I hit the deer me and my bike were rocketed up in the sky only to come down right in the path of my friend riding behind me. With no time to avoid me, he had no choice but to run over me with his bike. Which then caused him to wreck.

I had shattered my rib cage, broke both shoulders and an arm. I split my pelvis in two. While being operated on one of my lungs collapsed and I caught pneumonia. I kept running a fever, and even in the doctors professional opinions they didn’t know what to fix 1st or if I was even worth trying to fix.

But I lived. If that doesn’t restore your faith I don’t know what will.

I’ve rambled on enough. Next time I’ll tell you about my time in between the worlds.

RK out.

Write-Now 1

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She blamed the purple eye shadow for this.

If she hadn’t run out, if she hadn’t had to go to store right then, she would be at home front of the T.V., safe and sound. She would be waiting on Ryan to turn the key in the lock. She would have dinner waiting on the table. After dinner they would relax in living room watching their favorite show.

What’s on tonight? She thinks to herself. She can feel her mind slipping. Is it Tuesday? If so they would watch The Walking Dead before going upstairs to make love and go to sleep in each other’s arms. Or is it thurssdat—thurssday? Whas on Thursddays? Greens anatomy…no its Grey’s. Why can’t she think straight? Where’s the ambulance? Everything is getting dark.

If only she hadn’t ran to the store. If only she hadn’t run out of her favorite eye shadow. What color was it? Blue? Nor purrrr…..

RK out


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“Look at the shoes your filling
Look at the blood we’re spilling
Look at the world we’re killing
The way we’ve always done before
Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed
Look at the leaders we’ve followed
Look at the lies we’ve swallowed
And I don’t want to hear no more”

-Civil War by Guns-n-Roses

A friend of mine posted a status on his FB, that got me thinking of the world and how it stands today.

“The government is spying on us, wanting to take our guns, bailing out banks and other private companies, creating more debt, raising taxes, insurance premiums are going up, coverage is going down, big pharma companies are hiding cures, oil companies are stopping other sources of energy, people are being driven apart by the media, what else?!?!? How do we stop this? What do we have to do? There are lots of people talking about what’s wrong, but who’s doing anything? Where does one go to get involved? Time is against us. We need a radical change and soon!!! I hear everyone talking about being fed up, but what are you going to do about it?”

I’m a fan of history. In the far past, when things got really bad with its government people revolted. Hell even here America, in 1775 we flipped the middle finger to Great  Britain, and told them we weren’t gonna take it anymore. If you watch the world news 3rd world countries do it all the time. They don’t like some in charge they get up their buddies and guns and their bombs and they change things. So whats wrong with America? Why do we sit here grumbling amongst ourselves and take it?

The truth is we’re cowards. Now before you start getting pissed let me explain. I’m sure inside each and everyone of us is a fighter. If we were to find ourselves in danger or someone we loved and cared about. We would do what we needed to do to protect them and ourselves. Hell, there’s some among us that would even defend a complete stranger if need be. We all have a sense of survival buried in our genetic make-up. That’s we’re alive, That’s why when shit gets bad really bad we don’t bite down on the end of a barrel. We want to live and do what it takes to remain alive.

Going on the offense is totally counter to that. If you stand up and complain about our government and call people to arms, you’ll be labeled a terrorist. You’ll be ridiculed in the media. Hell, George Zimmerman stood his ground, and defended his life the best way he could and we all know how that turned out. Granted he was found not guilty. But turn your t.v. on and see if that really makes a difference. Lets face it, George Washington and the continental congress were terrorists. At least to the British. They were committing treason. But they weren’t afraid to stand up for what they thought was right.

So what will it take? What is needed to make change happen? Unfortunately those of us who are the true warriors, the ones who would take the fight to the government are dying overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. For a revolution to take place, our pain and suffering has to be worse than the thought of dying. We have to get to the point of we’re not gonna take it anymore. Its gonna take a charismatic leader to come forth and gather the people to him. We’re sheep, but if you get enough of us going in the right direction, all will follow. A stampede of sheep is still a stampede.

RK out.