Write-Now 1

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

She blamed the purple eye shadow for this.

If she hadn’t run out, if she hadn’t had to go to store right then, she would be at home front of the T.V., safe and sound. She would be waiting on Ryan to turn the key in the lock. She would have dinner waiting on the table. After dinner they would relax in living room watching their favorite show.

What’s on tonight? She thinks to herself. She can feel her mind slipping. Is it Tuesday? If so they would watch The Walking Dead before going upstairs to make love and go to sleep in each other’s arms. Or is it thurssdat—thurssday? Whas on Thursddays? Greens anatomy…no its Grey’s. Why can’t she think straight? Where’s the ambulance? Everything is getting dark.

If only she hadn’t ran to the store. If only she hadn’t run out of her favorite eye shadow. What color was it? Blue? Nor purrrr…..

RK out


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